Threat of severe flooding posed by the River Danube

Today, Friday, 7th June, Népszabadság, is full of news about the threat of severe flooding posed by the River Danube. It is estimated that up to 55,000 people may have to be evacuated from their homes. Margaret Island, which lies in the heart of Budapest in the centre of the Danube, has been closed off as a precautionary measure.

Flooding represents a natural catastrophe against which only certain defensive measures can be taken. Rising water levels are visible. Everyone can see with their own eyes that the rives poses a visceral threat. By contrast, encroachments on civil liberties and on constitutional defences are much harder to discern.  However, they can be just as serious and their effects can be even longer-lasting. Rebuilding basic freedoms and the rule of law is often more difficult than rebuilding houses.

See Istvan Pogany's critique of the new Hungarian constitution here 

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