Hungarian Democracy RIP

In his seminal article on "The Rise of Illiberal Demoracy", published in Foreign Affairs in 1997, Fareed Zakaria argues eloquently and persuasively that democracy without the constraints of liberal constitutionalism - an effective system of checks and balances and the safeguarding of basic liberties - can become a prescription for tyranny. Sadly, Fareed's thesis has become all too relevant to  Hungary since Fidesz returned to power in general elections in 2010. The once powerful Constitutional Court has been marginalised, the media is increasingly controlled by the government or its allies while the scope for vigorous dissent is being eroded in both the universities and in the cultural sphere. For detailed analysis of what is taking place in Hungary I would urge readers to take a look at Eva Balogh's excellent blog, "Hungarian Spectrum", which is available at:

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Twilight of Liberal Democracy

Sunday 22 January 2017
From: Social Europe The Fourth Estate and The Twilight of Liberal Democracy, Part One by Stephen Pogány on 18 January 2017 78 Shares Share Tweet Share …...