Scholarly Articles

Istvan Pogany has published over fifty articles in scholarly journals and chapters in edited books. His recent academic articles include the following:

“Women’s Work: Human Rights, Gender and Class in Hungary at the Turn of the 20th Century”,
Northern Ireland Law Quarterly, 2013 forthcoming (12,000 words).

“The Crisis of Democracy in East Central Europe: The ‘New Constitutionalism’ in Hungary”,
Vol. 19:2 (2013) European Public Law, pp. 341–367.

“Pariah Peoples: Roma and the Multiple Failures of Law in Central and Eastern Europe“,
Vol. 21 (2012) Social & Legal Studies, 375-393.

“International Human Rights Law, Reparatory Justice and the Re-ordering of Memory in Central and Eastern Europe”
Vol. (2010) Human Rights Law Review,pp.397-428.

"Human Rights, Gender and Poverty in Maramures at the Turn of the 20th Century: The Unremarked Life and Death of Giza Wolf" in
Vol. 1 (2008)  Revista Arhivei Maramuresene, pp. 66-87.

“Poets, Revolutionaries and Shoemakers: Law and the Construction of National Identity in Central Europe During the ‘Long’ Nineteenth Century”,
Vol. 16:1 (2007) Social & Legal Studies, pp.95-112.

“Minority Rights and the Roma of Central and Eastern Europe”,
Vol. 6:1 (2006) Human Rights Law Review, , pp.1-25.